[BB] 'The Disk Is Full'

[BB] 'The Disk Is Full'

I know about the whole 50mb thing but I really can't do that without having only Spotify on my phone and having to delete all my other apps. Is there some way I can just delete the playlists that I have synced or whatever? It worked fine at first? I've gone onto my computer spotify and deleted them to see if that worked, but it still comes up with the same message.

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Removing the cache from the computer version sadly doesn't change the one on your device (Is it a Blackberry?). A clean installation might remove the playlists you had stored, allowing you to start afresh. I've put some instructions below.


1. Find the Spotify app.
2. Press the menu key.
3. Choose delete.
4. Reboot your BlackBerry when prompted.
5. Visit m.spotify.com and download the application.

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I'm having the same problem, having just upgraded to Premium - I can't even open Spotify on my Blackberry and just get a message saying "The disk is full, please free up some space".  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify but the problem remains - help!  There is clearly no point in my paying extra to have the Premium service if I can't actually use it on my BB...  Thanks

Do you have at least 50MB of free storage on whichever storage device the Spotify client was installed on?



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Hi Peter


When the problem first arose I went through my BB and deleted absolutely anything and everything which I didn't need so that there would be as much free space as possible.  I then uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify and it worked fine.  I then logged out but when I tried to go back in a few hours later I encountered the same problem, although I hadn't used the device for anything in the interim, so there can't have been any more memory being used up by anything else. 


I wonder if there are just too many playlists being cached (since I've only just upgraded and wanted to make quite a few things available offline) - but if I can't get into the app on the device to change this, I don't quite know how to resolve the situation if that IS the problem?


Thanks for your help with this - I really hope I can sort it out as it is proving very time-consuming and quite troublesome getting Spotify to function on my BB!



I also had problems after a couple of months using it.The app was having problems displaying the songs, and playing them.

I went in the file browser, searched the spotify-folder...2.8 GB...deleted the folder...restarted the app...

and bamm: Fast again!


Does anybody know if any new version will come out anytime. This one seems to be very buggy...

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