[BB] : Won't stream on 3G

[BB] : Won't stream on 3G


It used to work. It seemed to start near the time I upgraded to the most recent version of the app (though I can't swear to exactly when). I don't know if this is a feature that they whacked for some reason (though I can't imagine why they would). Everything works normally if I'm inside WiFi coverage, but if I turn off WiFi or move away from it, the app immediately shifts into offline mode and won't come back for anything. All other apps are working normally, so it's not my connection. Deleted and reinstalled to no avail. Also tried a battery pull and got nothing. Emailing Spotify has gotten me ignored for four days, so I'll now appeal to our good community for insight while I weigh continuing my subscription......

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Hey, I had similar problems - in the end I had to delete the Spotify directory off of my SD card, then reinstalled the app. Works a treat now. Peeved that I missed almost 2 weeks of Spotify usage before I worked it out, but you live and learn....

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