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[BB] "Disk is full. Please Free up some space" Black Berry Bold 9700

[BB] "Disk is full. Please Free up some space" Black Berry Bold 9700

This is torture.  The above message pops up eveytime I try to open the Spotify app on my Bold 9700.  Can't listen...

I have been getting this message off and on quite a bit.  I cannot figure out why.  between my media card and application memory on my device I have 1.8 gb of space.  Should be plenty right?  is it because I have a ton of starred tracks in my playlists?  what's up with this.  I just want to listen to my tunes.

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I get this as well, it tends to pop up when I've offlined have around a half dozen albums or playlists.  I do like to keep some photos and non-Spotify music on my phone, so I usually deal with by limiting the Spotify stuff that I keep offline.

You might be getting this message after tracks you are caching are being stored to the application memory. You'd need to have around 50mb's free on your device's memory in order to get Spotify running.

One suggestion could be that reinstalling the app to the Memory Card rather than the internal memory should get the tracks to cache on the card - which generally has more space to play around with.
Airhorn Enthusiast

Hi there,

I have the same problem. I have more than 50Mo available in my media card and as suggested the community manager I have reinstalled the app but it does not ask me where I want to install it (so impossible to install it in the memory card instead of the internal memory), so in total I have only 3 songs offline : (((


Any help???



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