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[BB] sound quality on blackbery curve 9300

[BB] sound quality on blackbery curve 9300

I have downloaded Spotify for Blackberry. When I play some tracks, I can hear the music, but the vocals are "in the distance" - it lis like it is being played with heavy reverb


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That is definitely a strange issue you are describing! Are you getting this behaviour only on Spotify or on the built in player as well? I have definitely come accross the same thing when using noise-cancelling headphones on my Bold, it didn't seem to like them for some reason! 


I would suggest you try uninstalling the application, then manually deleting the Spotify folder from your device using the file manager. Unfortunately, its location changes depending on device so you will need to have a search for it! Once that is done, soft reboot your phone by pressing Left Alt + Right Shift + Enter at the same time, your phone should restart. Then try installing from BlackBerry World again. 


I would also suggest when you get it installed again, you play around with the Stream and Sync quality options in the Menu > Settings page to see if they make any difference. Also try downloading a playlist for offline usage and see what it sounds like?



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