BMW 1 Series Connected Drive iPhone XR Not Working

BMW 1 Series Connected Drive iPhone XR Not Working


Plan Premium

Country UK



iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 12.3.1


2018 BMW 1 Series with iDrive


My Question or Issue

I am totally unable to get Spotify to show from within the iDrive system.

If I connect with USB, it still doesn't show. It did show for a while but has vanished.


I also get very intermittent usage of Spotify. The only way I can access it is via iDrive by connecting to my phone via Bluetooth whereby I am only able to reverse or skip to next track. There are no playlists. This is only possible if Spotify is already open on the phone.

The music will randomly stop playing. When I check on the phone, it is still playing, but nothing is coming out of the speakers. The iDrive system shows the song as still playing, but it isn't. 

The only way to resolve is to open phone, disconnect bluetooth to car, totally shut down Spotify. Re-open Spotify, re-connect bluetooth to car, and re-open car inputs again. 

This evening I had to do these steps four times as the issue kept happening.

As you can imagine, this is very inconvinient. 

iDrive is fully up to date.

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Same here with iphone X, BMW 318i.


pls advice


The problem hasn't gone away Spotify. Any updates please?




If you don't fancy a reply, I will cancel my monthly £10 subscription and see if we get a reply then. 

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