BMW Connected Drive deprecation


BMW Connected Drive deprecation

Hello!! I was informed that since the last update Spotify should have stopped working with BMW. I noticed, because all of a sudden the Spotify icon disappeared from Connecties Drive.... that is quote a sad thing.... Can anyone confirm that this is really true? And are options to get older Spotify options back so it starts working again?


Streaming songs one by one, using my phone as a remote while driving, isn't really an option....

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Another here 2018 G01 X3/Galaxy S8, noticed last weekend and hasn't worked since


Just to add I downgraded as suggested by Sdwebb1971 above and it's working fine again.


Confirmed, downgrading to previous version fixed the issue.....for now


solution is working, but every-night google play update spotify to actual version 🙂 it's needed to manually reinstall older version everyday))

@spotify you think to fix issue at new version?


Any news from spotify when you plan to fix this bug? It's annoying that this happen from time to time, your SW-tests should be extended 😉 


Don't know if you are aware but you can opt out of auto-updates for any app you choose from the app page on the Google Play store, including Spotify until they find a solution to the issue. 



Restoring the previous version worked for me too. Thanks. 


Same problem here. But without uninstalling Spotify I am not able to downgrade. Is this a normal behavior? 


I have the same issue. Has been working fine with my BMW 4 but the Spotify app now no longer appears in Connected Drive as of a week ago. Can't seem to get it back.

I'm having the same issue. The app auto updated and now although my Note is connected to iDrive the Spotify app is no longer appearing. BMW and Spotify really need to do a better job, the app integration is terrible 😑

Thanks - worked for me also!


BMW i3 integration witn iDrive no longer works after update of Spotify app on Android, only Bluetooth audio is working. Cover art and control of Spotify app no longer work.


Im using OnePlus 7T with Android 10.

Spotify app version



Works with version So the latest update of Spotify broke the integration.


Had same issues, downgrade helped. Thank you!

@spotify the community is still waiting for an answer...


Fully agree, now falling back is a workaround.

A proper fix would be very welcome

@spotify - any updates + target date to share?



For anyone having an issue with the spotify update and iDrive, please vote on the below issue so Spotify will respond.

I have the same problem - voted!


Any changes in todays update? 


Arg, tested it already, still same problem


I'm not showing an update with today's date. Maybe it's because I'm in Canada.

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