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[BMW Connected] Queue/Playlist never loads into car's headunit

[BMW Connected] Queue/Playlist never loads into car's headunit






Pixel 2 XL, Samsung A8 2018, Samsung S10+

Operating System

Android9, Android10, BMW Connected App


My Question or Issue

The queue, i. e. current playlist doesn't show up in the car's headunit, only ever showing "Loading..." but never actually displaying anything else.

Expected Behaviour

Headunit shows the current queue in a scrollable and clickable list, as it was before some update in October 2018. Music plays just fine, it's just the one feature thats broken.

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Hey @ndee_.


Thanks for posting about this in the Community 🙂


We've been experiencing some problems lately with the BMW Connected integration.


We have posted an update in an active thread with other users facing this problem, and we've suggested that users reach out to BMW about this issue.


Hope that helps! Let us know if there's anything else 🙂

Provided thread has been closed since one month and nothing has changed.
The issue is still affecting my car also.


This bug has not been fixed for over a year now. There is no way whatsoever to view the current playlist from within BMW Connected. The HUD screen does nothing but say 'Loading..' and the scroll wheel is useless. This is ridiculous. App version 8.4.7 is still working fine to this day. How has this not been fixed in over a year's time?

Yeah.. That is really annoying.


While driving on curvy roads and wanting to have a possibility to switch music using my steering wheel controls - I just give up with Spotify app and switch to standard Bluetooth connection. It does not have a full functionality, but at least I can switch to the next/previous song. 


Spotify please repair this function again. It worked one year ago...

While looking for any help I found this video. It shows perfectly the problems:



Just came home from a BMW dealer: they updated some integration firmware, and now it list loads. In general it seems they improved the integration with Spotify but I'll keep on testing it...

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