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BMW ConnectedDrive not working


BMW ConnectedDrive not working






Nexus 6P

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue


So I have a BWM 1 series for about a week now and was able to connect spotify without any problems until it stopped working once i got back in my car two days ago. It still shows up in my apps, and sometimes I can click it and continue to the next screen but it doesn't load any further than that. I also get a notification on my phone that it's connected.


The problem started when I used the spotify app on my computer and connected to Sonos. But I already changed it in the computer app so the music plays from my computer itself.


The funny thing is that it does play spotify from my phone connected via bluetooth, just not from the app that's in the list.


Any idea how I can fix this? Already tried to reinstall the app, open the spotify app through the connected drive app, and disconnect/reconnect my phone.



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Spotify Legend

Hey everyone,


If you're having issues with BMW ConnectedDrive, we recommend you reach out to BMW about this.


Make sure your devices are always up to date. 


Have a nice day! 


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Hey all,


Thanks for all your feedback.


We're still looking into this on our end. We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we really appreciate you letting us know about this. Don't forget to inform BMW about this as well.


We’ve blocked replies to this thread as we are not gathering more examples for now.


Have a nice day.

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ONE Plus 5T

Operating System

Oxygen OS 5.1.7 android 8.1.0 based

My Question or Issue


Have just updated the phone with the lastest oficial update which fixes compatibility problems with car bluetooths and Spotify stoped working with the connected Drive in BMW.

the problem is the update because some hours before Spotify worked fine. I Guess one plus Will say the problem is not their fault cause other apps are working and bluetooth audio works good too so please take a look at the problem. Maybe It can be solved with a Spotify app update.


Same here. Since the update I made yesterday I cannot use spotify via iDrive. I am using a Google Pixel 2 XL

I can't get Spotify to work on mine any more (Motorola Moto G5, BMW 3 Series (2017), F31, iDrive 6).  Have been using Spoify over Bluetooth with Connected drive app for almost a year, and suddenly a few days ago it's not working.  The Spotify source does appear on the car display when the ConnectedDrive apps establish comms, but when I select Spotify I don't get then anything on screen (it's mostly blank) and also no sound.  (Bluetooth audio method does still work but I can't select through my Spotify library that way).  I would really appreciate a fix for this as I was using it like that every day.

yeah, happens exactly the same to me.

hope spotify fixes it as soon as posible.

Any idea how I get the album covers to come up when using idrive. I'm using a Samsung s8 plus. The songs show up but no covers.

Just leaving this here to say I've also got the same issue - Samsung Note 9 running the Connected and Spotify apps in a 2017 BMW M4. Integration via iDrive was working great until some time last week. Now, the Spotify icon appears in the car but can't be selected for a few minutes. After that, selecting it reveals a blank screen. Hope this is fixable - the iDrive integration is a big step-up from a traditional Bluetooth audio connection.

Same problem....Was working fine....then nothing work the next day

I can confirm that it is definitely the Spotify App which is the culprit. One month old BMW 420D ...everything was working including Spotify...then suddenly it stopped working.

I flashed the previous version of Oreo...No good, I unistalled Spotify and installed version which was the version I had when I bought the car and voila everything works. Have set the playstore not to auto update my apps now. Hope this helps!


Get it right Spotify...Updates are supposed to fix problems not create them.

I did reinstall Connected Drive and Spotify yesterday.

I discovered some features of Connected Drive after reinstalled it. Feature like ventilation, lock, unlock etc ...So, nice to have finaly this update.


But, reinstall both of the application didn't change anything.


Spotify is boring me ! They should rework all the application.

Try installing Spotify version not the latest one from the Playstore 

How can I do that? 

Here you, download and install...Let me know how you get on


Link : {snip - link removed for security reasons by Community Moderator}

I found myself the apk of the old version.

Just tried in my car 2 minutes ago.


Working fine now !


So, Spotify must solve this in the future !

Exat same problem here. BMW i3 2018 - Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Yup! The other users unfortuntely dont know this....glad its working

There's a common theme emerging here...


Do we know if anyone from Spotify has acknowledged that there's a problem; and have they passed it to the developers to fix?



Second thread on same issue here:


Please can someone at Spotify fix this asap.



Just a quick thanks for the suggestion to go back to an earlier version. Works a treat! Thanks again 

Just to repeat what Marc has posted. Go to the other thread where the solution is provided. A simple install of an earlier version will immediately start doing what we are wanting - decent app doing what it is supposed to do!

if only Spotify would sort properly instead of users finding a solution!

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