BMW ConnectedDrive not working


BMW ConnectedDrive not working

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So I have a BWM 1 series for about a week now and was able to connect spotify without any problems until it stopped working once i got back in my car two days ago. It still shows up in my apps, and sometimes I can click it and continue to the next screen but it doesn't load any further than that. I also get a notification on my phone that it's connected.


The problem started when I used the spotify app on my computer and connected to Sonos. But I already changed it in the computer app so the music plays from my computer itself.


The funny thing is that it does play spotify from my phone connected via bluetooth, just not from the app that's in the list.


Any idea how I can fix this? Already tried to reinstall the app, open the spotify app through the connected drive app, and disconnect/reconnect my phone.




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Hey all,


Thanks for all your feedback.


We're still looking into this on our end. We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we really appreciate you letting us know about this. Don't forget to inform BMW about this as well.


We’ve blocked replies to this thread as we are not gathering more examples for now.


Have a nice day.

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I also had many environments where Spotify works fine. Just playing on my phone, web player on laptop, streaming via vanilla BT - basically anywhere that doesn't require a software integration. Casting to Google Home/Chromecast is also fine. But across the board, any use case where I am controlling Spotify from another device and not within the app/web player itself (on multiple types of mobiles devices) - it is broken for me in the newer Spotify versions. So in my perspective, the common issue is Spotify's post-November 2018 versions and thus they have responsibility to fix what they broke. Suppose BMW comes out with a fix. Great - now I'm still left with broken integration to my Kenwood and Pioneer aftermarket units, as well as if I ever decide to get a Mercedes (granted, only one test event while I was renting one). I wouldn't call that success. And responsibility aside, I would hope at least the motivation would be better on Spotify's side. Spotify is more likely to lose more customers if this problem doesn't get resolved. As a few of us have already shown, much easier to drop/replace a streaming service than swap out your vehicle.

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I have a BMW with CiC Navi Professional. Spotify with an iPhone 5 via BMW Apps worked great until a few days ago. It will not work after updating the Spotify app. Other apps like TuneIn work. Spotify does not switch to this BMW mode anymore. Unfortunately, I do not know which version was installed before the update, now it is 8.5.16. Does somebody has any idea? Has the support of older BMW systems been discontinued or is there a bug in the current version?


Same problem since the last spotify update. Can't see the app in my BMW. Tried everything but often happens after updates

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I have the same problem, Can't see the app in my BMW.

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EDIT: for me resettin connection in my iPhone X helped and now spotify seems to be working


Reset your Network Settings. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you’ve used before. 


Since I was really missing my music and not beeing able to use spotify via bluetooth I discoverd that after disabling bluetooth on the phone and using USB connection in the car it is possible to stream music from the app to car (still without spotify app in the car system, so steeringwheel buttons are not working). Until they fix it it's the best I figured. Because bluetooth connection seems to be completly messed up...  (iPhoneX and bmw F20LCI )


Any updates?

Still can’t see the Spotify App in my BMW. Playing songs via Bluetooth works though...


Same here, I have never seen the spotify app on my car display ever (BMW F20 LCI from 2016). Bluetooth has always worked just as the steering wheel buttons. No Spotify app wireless or with the usb cable.

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I've downgraded the spotify app to version 8.4.49 and it works again

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jariolle is exactly right. I bought the car partly because of this great
feature, which I read all about in the glossy brochure.


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Obviously Spotify changed their API or something like that so that BMW is unable to get the current songs/queue with their code made for the old one. So both of them would be able to fix the problem. 1. Solution: Spotify again changes their API so that BMW can work like 2 months ago, second way: BMW updates their code so that it works with the new one. But for now, everyone of them is blaming the other one, hoping that they can save some work and testing. Pretty sad to be honest

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Hey Spotify mods, 


If you actually read any of the posts on this topic and others from paying users doing your app testing for you, you'd understand that we aren't having issues with BMW ConnectedDrive, we are having issues with Spotify. This includes multiple devices, multiple auto makes/media systems, and various versions of your software (including the latest versions).


Luckily this is all easily solved by canceling subscriptions and going elsewhere. Bye. 

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I have the latest version of spotify on my phone 8.5.6. and has issues... my husband has the same phone but 8.5.5. version and works properly on the same car?!
So I suggest to search bugs and issues on your latest version and don’t blame BMW.
Its easier to change to apple music than buying a new BMW.


Dear Ms. Hendriks,


Does your latest reply mean that Spotify has closed this issue and is no longer going to investigate it? If so, I am greatly dissapointed and now even more frustrated about the entire situation.


Firstly, I in case you do not know the history of the issue it started back around the end of October, early November 2018 and it took a very long time for one of your colleagues to even acknowledge that there was an issue and that it was being investigated and since then very little info has been provided about the issue.


Secondly, if one contacts BMW about this issue (like I have) they squarely blame Spotify and suggest the customer contact Spotify. Now Spotify via your post is suggesting contacting BMW and that is called Pass the buck, (


Thirdly, as Spotify, you by virtue of being a big company have ways of contacting the right folks (at BMW) and getting the info in front of their eyes that myself a customer lacks the ability to.


I would kindly suggest either clarifiying your post or speaking with the folks who provide this sort of info to you and kindly suggesting that they re-open the investigation and if Spotify feels that they are not the cause of the issue, that they reach out to BMW on our behalf.


After all many of us pay you for Premium memberships and drive BMW and would like to use Spotify in our cars like we used to do.


Hi, I am very frustrated too about the issue, but I don't think we have to blame Spotify about it.

I also have a BMW series 1 and I am amazed at the low-quality level of their entertrainment platform. It is uber **bleep**. For my experience, BMWs never scored well on the technology side.

The problem is with the Connected App an the way it connects with your phone, not with Spotify.

Just for the sake of it, I tried to use an iphone NOT using the carplay feature, and have experienced similar issues: the apps (Spotify and Stitcher) get stuck at some point.

In order to have things running smoothly, my suggestion is to get an iphone and use carplay if you have it.


Ahhhh I thought I was alone in this frustrating situation.


bought a bmw a couple of months back , seemed to connect Bluetooth wise initially , then it dropped  and no matter what I did it wouldn’t come back , mysteriously reappeared and worked fine for a month , now it’s gone again ... 

I have deleted phone , constantly dropped Bluetooth reconnected ... to no avail .. anyone with current idea to get it back ? 

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I have a 2019 BMW X1 with connected drive and a Iphone 8 (IOS 12.2) everything worked perfectly until the last week.

The bluetooth connects, spotify app is not automaticaly opening, I open it manually on the phone and the driving advice is not appearing, so the car has no control on the app. The spotify logo is not appearing on the car, so I can´t navigate or search with connected drive...

Music starts, and then stops playing suddenly, if more than a song is played, the screen metadata in not changing.

I need help, I hate listening to radio!!




So I just bought a brand new 1 series shadow edition. I have an iPhone XS.


so everything is the latest tech. Drove around in it for a week and then exactly what you describe happened to me.


i paired and re paired the phone.


cried, listened to the radio cried a bit more.


got angry....


thrn i deleted both bmw connected drive app off the phone and re installed. Still didn’t work.


then before I gave up I turned my phone off and on again. Total shutdown and then total re start up.


got back in the car and bang it works.


not sure what I did but it worked.


the other thing to test is try amazon music and Apple Music then you know whether it is a Spotify problem or a bmw problem.


if amazon music and Apple Music work it is more likely a Spotify problem. If they don’t work it is a bmw problem.

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Thanks NikDan I will try to repeat your steps.

Untill now, I updated to latest IOS and spotify version, now music plays, metadata is working, but spotify logo disapeared from the car screen, so I recovered the basic function, music plays and I can go back and skip the song... I still can’t search or change playlist on  drive, just on the phone.

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I'm still of the thought that this is primarily a Spotify issue, not BMW.


I'm continuing to run Spotify on my LG G6. It can be a little slow to connect at times (20-30 seconds after car start to music playing), but connection works just fine in my BMW (iDrive 6) and 4Runner (aftermarket Kenwood; both native Spotify and Android Auto works fine). Also have had a rental car recently (MB GLK) with Android Auto and it worked fine via USB/AA.


My wife also has an LG G6, purchased at the same time as mine (one of those Verizon BOGO deals). She lets her Spotify auto-update and it basically doesn't work with anything. In the BMW on her driver profile the icon doesn't even appear half the time, and the other half the time selecting it just spins for a while. Zero success at actually getting music to play. In the 4Runner and MB rental, her phone goes into some weird USB connection loop when you plug it in for Android Auto, and in the 4Runner the native Spotify app on the head unit just shows as "device disconnected" even though her BT connection is stable enough to make phone calls and play any audio via generic BT streaming. I also have a ZenFone 3 that I use for int'l travel and keep all the apps auto-updated. For giggles I swapped SIMs one day to see if that phone would work better than the LGs, but I got the same results as my wife's G6.


TL;DR - For my experience, any Spotify update after seems to be the common factor in things NOT working across multiple phones and vehicles. Since Spotify is the common problem, I'd say Spotify has the primary burden for a solution.


I get the same problem .Blank screen most of the time. It's got worse since update. Sometimes Spotify doesn't appear still, old problem. Hasn't ever worked properly since buying the car last July. Really diabolically poor, I don't care if Spotify or BMW issue, just fix it please! 



- Samsung Galaxy S7

- Android 8.0.0 (Security Patch 01. March 2019)

- Spotify

- BMW Connected

- Bluetooth AVRCP-Version: AVRCP 1.6


still unreliable, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Can't reproduce the behaviour.

The Spotify icon always shows up on the media-screen, but once I push the icon in most cases a blank screen appears with no options to steer Spotify.
In rare cases when it works NO additional action is required on the phone (e.g. manually start BMW connected of Spotify, etc).