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BMW ConnectedDrive not working


BMW ConnectedDrive not working






Nexus 6P

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So I have a BWM 1 series for about a week now and was able to connect spotify without any problems until it stopped working once i got back in my car two days ago. It still shows up in my apps, and sometimes I can click it and continue to the next screen but it doesn't load any further than that. I also get a notification on my phone that it's connected.


The problem started when I used the spotify app on my computer and connected to Sonos. But I already changed it in the computer app so the music plays from my computer itself.


The funny thing is that it does play spotify from my phone connected via bluetooth, just not from the app that's in the list.


Any idea how I can fix this? Already tried to reinstall the app, open the spotify app through the connected drive app, and disconnect/reconnect my phone.



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Hey everyone,


If you're having issues with BMW ConnectedDrive, we recommend you reach out to BMW about this.


Make sure your devices are always up to date. 


Have a nice day! 


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Running latest version of Spotify on my older Sony phone with android 8 (Oreo) working fine as before. No problems.


Problem is as described, Spotify showing up in media in my idrive6 - but not responding always. And when it responses it just showes a blank page as screenshoot. Not playing any music. 


Installed Spotify version - and it is working again.


I think my problems started when i updated my sony xperia xz2 compact with the latest android 9 version (pie) in the middle of november. Android 52.0.A.3.84.


Could it be an combination of newer Spotify version and the latest Android version?




No, I do not think Android 9 (Pie) has anything to do with it, I tested it
on my older Galaxy S7 running Android 8 (Oreo) and it doesn't work on that
device either.

Response from Spotify today:



Hi Ståle,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We know how important it is to use Spotify using the new version.

Many thanks for reporting this. Our tech folks are currently looking into it. A fix should be on its way soon!

If you have any further questions, please let us know!

All the best,


Spotify Customer Support

You did better than me, I was told that they would refer it to the appropriate department but that was the best that they could do.


With that said I always take anything front line support with a grain of salt as they are generally the last to know about almost anything.

Why doesn't someone at Spotify read their own support forums and actually
offer us some help here? It's so frustrating 😞

Sadly that is the way of things, rarely does any company want to take
responsibility and keep the customer informed.

With that said, it probably doesn't help that the issue is married as

Hi Dan,


The issue is not marked as solved , it is still open.

I stand corrected, it was for a while of time marked as solved.

The other thread on this subject now has a comment from someone at Spotify:


Thanks for reaching out to us. We know how important it is to use Spotify using the new version.

Many thanks for reporting this. Our tech folks are currently looking into it. A fix should be on its way soon!

If you have any further questions, please let us know!

All the best,


Spotify Customer Support




But for me it's still a big inconvenience.  I commute nearly 2 hours every day, and have all my music in Spotify.  Not being able to use the Spotify feature of my BMW any more is really disappointing.


Spotify, can you please fix this ASAP




I have exactly the same problem. The Spotify app shows up on iDrive menu but on click nothing happens. It used to work before Spotify app update.


@Spotify - could you please respond in this thread or the community is just for frustrated users to share their porblems?



Spotify also stopped working for me after Spotify app update.

I do not want to enable "install from other sources" so I am not able to install previous version of Spotify APK file.


@Spotify - any feedback on this? Do you know the issue and are you going to fix it?

I've had the same problem too with my 640d running idrive 5. The solution that works really well is to get hold of an old iphone, wipe it and then upload all of your music and download your spotify playlists. I had an old 5s with a cracked screen that couldn't be sold on but it just so happens that when you plug it in and fire up connected drive and the spotify app you have full spotify functionality each time you get in the car. The only thing you need to do from time to time is click on mobile hotpot on your existing phone (mine is a Samsung S9) and set up autoconnect on the iphone. The iphone will auto connect and update your spotify playlists for you if you've made any changes without you needing to do anything manually. As you can use your existing phone via bluetooth for phone calls you dont loose anything in terms of connectivity.  In many ways its better than having to plug your phone in each time you get in the car and load up the connected drive app!!

Anyone tried the 13 december release

Anyone tried the 13 december release

I have and still now luck.




I'm using the iDrove 6 on my BMW.


The actual Spotify app isn't working as I'v seen in this thread, but...


When I change the mode the look at my Android phone it sort of  works. It picks up the current playlist from my phone and I can skip or or go back in that plalist.


BMW told me Spotify will be releasinga fix to this in January, so how would that work, do we need a firmware update on the iDrive or what I wonder?





What mode do you change in Spotify to get it to work? 

I just changed to the actual phone. Then it picks up the storify playlist that I last played.


Kind of strange. Will wait for spotify to solve.

BMW is not exactly trustworthy when it comes to 3rd party partners and
software fixes.

I spoke to a BMW Genius yesterday about this is issue and the "Genius" told
me that they are not provided info by 3rd parties (i.e. Spotify) regarding
software fixes.

In fact he told me that Spotify is offered as is and BMW does not guarantee
it's functionality.

I asked if he could let folks at BMW know about the issue and he said that
he does not have any method to do so.

I sincerely hope what BMW told the poster is accurate, but they gave me a
completely different answer.

Yes . Still not working with the latest release. 


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