BMW iDrive 5.0

BMW iDrive 5.0

I've been driving my BMW M240i for the past few months. It has BMW ConnectedDrive the latest iDrive 5.0 update, and wireless Apple CarPlay (I have an iPhone SE running iOS 10.2). There are no issues with Spotify and Apple Carplay.


However, up until recently, I've had several issues using Spotify via its BMW ConnectedDrive app. It doesn't matter if I have my iPhone plugged in to USB or operating wirelessly, but the Spotify app only is accessible intermittently. Sometimes it will be available, and sometimes it won't be. This is completely random, and I cannot easily replicate the issue. Nothing is changed on my iPhone (Bluetooth is always on), so I can only assume that there is a bug with iOS 10.2 and interoperability with ConnectedDrive and iDrive 5.0.


Does anyone have any solutions or a fix?

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