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BMW not connecting to iPhone after most recent update

BMW not connecting to iPhone after most recent update

Spotify previously woukd connect to BMW connected drive system with no problems and allow browsing and thumbnails to be displayed but now it does not shown in multimedia menu even after re plugging in lightning cable and restarting Spotify. This started with last could updates. Please fix as miss the great integration. 

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I have the same issue, since upgrading to iphone 8 with IOs11 my spotify app not longer connects via connected drive. I can stream but I need to seach etc.

I have a mini with the same issue using iPhone 8. I'm not sure it's a spotify issue though as the Mini Connected App doesn't detect i've even plugged the phone in. 


My iPhone 7 worked perfectly with iOS 11 so my current suspision is it's iPhone 8 related rather than software version. Are you both using iPhone 8's?

Some additional info, I have discovered today that my iPhone 8 doesn't work with my Lightning SD Card reader (not official apple) yet it works fine on my Wife's iPhone 7 (same iOS version).


Something has changed with the iPhone 8 lightning connector or I have a broken one. My iPhone 8 does work fine in my car as an 'external' device (i.e. it behaves like a USB stick) so it seems less likely to be faulty just something has changed.


I will try my SD card reader on other iPhone 8's at work tomorrow.

Spotify (and Mini App) is now working for me with iOS 11.1.

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