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BUG: Song is displayed in embed playlist, but not in app-playlist

BUG: Song is displayed in embed playlist, but not in app-playlist

Got a strange bug: On position 1 in my playlist is a song ("Forever Young"), which is not in the app-playlist displayed. How do I get that song out of there? I have already emptied and recreated the entire playlist, but this one song is always displayed in the embed playlist.


Here is the playlist


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Hey @Rotate99, thanks for writing!


In this case, our best suggestion would be to copy all the songs from that playlist, create a brand new one and paste them there. Once you've done that, delete the previous playlist, remove the embedded link you previously had and insert the embedded link for the new playlist. Once you've done that, reinstall the app with these steps.


We hope this helps. Have an awesome day 🙂 

Delete a playlist with 12k followers is not a solution! But that helped:

Can you head to the app > go to Settings > toggle on the button next to Show unavailable songs in playlists. After this, head to the playlist and delete the song from it 🙂


Hey @Rotate99.


Deleting the playlist with all these followers (including me) isn't the best way to go about it, but we're glad to hear you've found a way to remove these unavailable songs from the playlist.


Feel free to open a new thread if anything else comes up.


Have a great weekend!

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