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[Bad sampling] Lots of static noise in song by the Oysterband

[Bad sampling] Lots of static noise in song by the Oysterband



I just discovered that the classic band Oysterband is available on Spotify. That's aweseome, cheers!

However, one of the songs off their album Trawler has an issue where there's lots of static noise sometimes in the song (and this is not on the original CD, which i own and compared the audio to).

The song is the last one (number 14, Bells of Rhymney), and the noise occurrs several times, but for example it is shortly after 3:04.


This kind of annoyed me, since it is otherwise a fantastic song. Hopefully you'll be able to track this issue down and fix it.


Thanks for a great service!


[Linux] Issue first observed on the Linux Beta version

[Android] Confirmed on Android app version number (

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Lately I have been hearing very short static noise in various songs. At first I thought it was my head phones because I listen to Spotify mostly via my headphones both on mobile and desktop. Today I heard the static noise and I thought to rewind the track to see if it could possibly be the track. And sure enough, it was in the track.


Listen for yourself....  search for Hold My Hand by Brand Clark (this appears in the Spotlight on 2014 Country) playlist. At 2:02 you will hear this very short static noise. Track:


It's annoying. I hear it every now and then so it's not exclusive to this one track.



Hey, I hear it too. Errors like this can be reported using this form.

Thanks, I've reported this song. I'll keep track of future songs so I can report them when I hear static noise.



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