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Bad sound on Fire TV

Bad sound on Fire TV






Fire TV Stick

My Question or Issue

Spotify sounds really bad on FireTV Stick, like crispy sound, and all other apps like youtube, amazon music, netflix, etc... sound good and plays at 1080p (no internet issues). Why?

5 Replies

I'm noticing the same problem on my Amazon Fire Stick. The audio quality of the Spotify app is horrible - narrow frequency range, lots of buzzing, low-fidelity. I changed the Dolby audio settings on the Fire Stick and it didn't improve anything. Apps and OS are up-to-date. Audio quality for all other apps is totally normal. Is there any fix for this?

It sucks. Also, let's get Spotify Hi Fi!!! I really don't want to switch to Tidal but I'm thinking about it. 

I have the same issue. Why is there no fix yet, when there are so many people complaining?

Same issue here with Spotify sound quality and very low volume when other apps are normal. I have my Firestick plugged into a Roku tv and the Spotify app sounds great on Roku. Switch the TV to the Firestick input and Spotify sounds horrible again. Even though Hulu, Netflix, etc... Sound fine just like on Roku. This problem makes it so I switch to Roku for Spotify use only. Very annoying... 

I have the same problem with my FireStick. When I switch to another app Spotify continues to play. And here is what's really strange. If I open Amazon Music app, before I play anything on Amazon Music the Spotify music continues to play but with dramatically better sound quality. Would someone from Spotify address this issue?

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