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Bad sound quality on PS4

Bad sound quality on PS4

Before the spotify app came out for PS4 I always played music from my phone to the speakers through a 3.5mm headset jack. The sound quality was great and it worked good. The PS4 app is way easier to use and works a lot faster without wires (:D) but its not amazing.


I found out that the sound quality is way worse when you compare it with a cable. It looks like the treble is way to high and it just doesn't sound that great. Is there a way to make the sound quality better or maybe use an equalizer or something? My download and upload speed on my PS4 isn't the best with around 7 mb/s but it does the job on my phone or laptop. Am I the only one who has this problem? I haven't found anyone else on the internet adressing the problem.


Thanks for reading and I hope that we can find a solution 🙂

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Very bad quality for me too with the PS4 APP (HDMI output - all streamig formats tested)!

If icompare it to the quality of the pc output (HDMI)  is like i am listening to an old radio (PS4 APP)!

I have the same problem, it used to Sound fine at first but now it sounds like my speakers are blown, they are not tho. I have checked with different cables and devices. Game audio sounds like normal but when I'm playing songs on Spotify, the songs sound like playing from blown speakers...

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