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Band can only be played off-line

Band can only be played off-line





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It's now been almost a year since I started having a issue with the group "Mägo de Oz". When I'm online, I can access the group information, songs, albums, and pretty much everything; and I have no problem adding songs to a playlist/downloading them. 


The issue comes when I try to play any song of said group online. It just skips/doesn't play the songs with a pop-up saying that I have to authorize the group on my mobile phone device. The funny part of this, is that if I launch Spotify (both on desktop and mobile) off-line, there is no issue with the group/songs!


I've already tried every method I know, I've even changed devices (for other reasons), but the problem is still there. I'd like to have this solved so that I can play the group being online, and be able to use Spotify connect at the same time


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