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BeoMaster5 - Problems searching in Spotify

BeoMaster5 - Problems searching in Spotify

Hi Guys. I am currently experiencing issues using Spotify on my BeoMaster5. Searches do not result in any hits. Top Tracks / Top Albums - no data found. It has so far worked without any problems and I have not changed anything.
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I have the same problem, started last weekend on beosound/beomaster 5. Haven't changed anything. Full restart did not help. Given timing is the same it sounds like a Spotify issue and not the B&O gear.

B&O seems to be working on it!

Very good news! Hopefully an easy fix.



 Very frustrating. For a few days now, the Playlists on my BeoMaster5 for Spotify have dissapeared. I've changed the password, restarted, ALL TO NO AVAIL. However, the playlists are all there on my IPhone and my two IPads and my MAC... Anybody know about a solution?  

Hello, Do you know if this has been fixed? It is 26 December, 2016 today and I don't see any fixes. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions... Also, why can we not seem to be able to reach a LIVE HUMAN at Spotify?... Just venting. It seems everything is going to the robots!!! Ugh.

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