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[Big screen] Digibox app misses out personal playlists

[Big screen] Digibox app misses out personal playlists

Using Spotify on a TV or cable box is a limited experience. I understand that I cannot add and delete songs from playlists and use the more advanced features available on the desktop and mobile apps.


But there is another limitation which seems unnecessary. "Your Top Songs 2020" and other related playlists – Missed Hits, top songs from previous years – are nowhere to be found on the big-screen Android app unless I have played them lately from mobile or desktop and they appear in Recent Items.


Why should that be? They do not require a keyboard or a mouse... they just need to be there!


I am currently using the app on a Freebox Mini Player in France. I have not been home to check but I presume the same applies to the Amazon Fire app I use at my UK address.


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