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Bizarre Echo Dot Behaviour

Bizarre Echo Dot Behaviour

Just got an Echo Dot for my birthday. Connected it to spotify and set spotify as the default music player. 

It can't find any of my playlists, no matter what I say. This is one problem, which seems to happen to alot of people. 

But even stranger, when I ask it "play my music", it plays songs from only five albums (I have hundreds of albums in My Music). But even stranger, none of these five albums are in My Music!

They are albums I have had in the past, but I have double checked, none of them are currently in my Spotify Library. So where is it accessing these from? I'm completely baffled. When I interrupt it and ask it to play songs from My Library, it says "resuming spotify" and then there is total silence. 

I can't get my head around it at all. It's like it can't see my library at all. 

I can ask it to play specific songs and albums from my library (in other words, songs from spotify itself), but I want it to be able to just shuffle my entire library and tootle along in the background playing whatever comes along. Not songs from the same five abums that I haven't even got in My Music!

Please, anyone help??? 


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