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Blank screen on VW AID Carplay connection

Blank screen on VW AID Carplay connection



I've just bought a VW Polo with Active Info Display (AID) and for the first two days, Spotify (even with a horrible layout) opened correctly. Now... it just displays a blank, black screen. I have an iPhone 7 with latest patch by today.


Tried resetting the VW system, nothing. Resetting my phone, nothing. Changing cables, nothing. The musics can be heard, but the screen is completely blank.


Anyone knows how to fix this?



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I have the exact same problem with CarPlay worked ok until a few days ago when screen got completely black when opening Spotify. Still possible to listen to Spotify but need to use phone to change playlists etc

Yesterday I’ve got chat support and the solution was pretry easy.

Just had to erase all device permissions in the website ans then reinstall
the phone app.

Worked asap

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