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Bluetooth crashing

Bluetooth crashing

Ever since the last update on spotify, when I sync bluetooth with my car, it plays for a few seconds then my phone says bluetooth has quit working. I can stream any other music through my phone and bluetooth, any ideas?
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Im having this issue as well, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software and it conitues to disconnect my bluetooth connection over and over again

Hopefully someone has a fix, I've paid for premium since it came out and I don't see a direct support email. Grr

Same problem here. Sorry I don't have a fix. I just wanted to bump this thread for a fix soon hopefully.

Running Android 4.3 on a Note 3

Same problem here since the last update, i'm using motorola G with a UE BOOM speaker.

Have you tried complete deleteing the bluetooth relation between you phone and device and then reconnect ? 

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