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Boycott Spotify

Boycott Spotify

We are ready to start a mass boycott of Spotify over their misguided decision to choose an anti-science, anti-vax sympathiser over Neil Young

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Let's go

I'm leaving too over that **bleep** denouncing climate models.  He was talking**bleep** and had no understanding of climate science. My family subscription is about to be closed! 

I also unsubscribed from Spotify premium. 


Censorship is different than having an editorial view on podcasts, as well as giving 100 million for a podcast, while other artists get less than pennies on each stream. 


I'm pleased to drop Spotify over this Rogan business. Let someone else pay for his misinformation and racist content. The good thing is that after subscribing for 8 years, I'm finding some excellent alternatives for streaming music that I never would have looked at.

Tell us the better choices, please

I will not boycott never spotify and Daniel Ek. Spotify Is the better streaming. 

lol keep lying, you deluded twit



you must not insult the spotify community for x reason.


On Spotify, members of different communities can create, express themselves, listen, share, learn and find inspiration. Do not encourage violence, incite hatred, engage in harassment, or refrain from any behavior.


Content that incites violence or hatred towards a person or group of people based on their race, religion, gender identity or expression, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, status veteran status, age, disability or any other characteristic associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization. This includes, but is not limited to, content that:


advocates, supports or incites violence against a person or a group of people because of the characteristics listed above;
dehumanizes a person or group based on the protected characteristics listed above;
promotes or glorifies hate groups and associated images and/or symbols.



hallelujah y’all failed big-time!   spotify grew and rogan gained 2 million subscribers!   take your faith in big pharma, big govt., and corporate media to another platform, please, and bless spotify for standing by free speech (and in this case, honest discussion),  though it may be just due to not wanting to get rid of their highest paid podcaster.  regardless, thankful that rogan has a far bigger audience than any of the corporate shills in mainstream media, and really appalled that people claiming to be “left” and “liberal “ fell for such obvious BS

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