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Boycott Spotify

Boycott Spotify

We are ready to start a mass boycott of Spotify over their misguided decision to choose an anti-science, anti-vax sympathiser over Neil Young

29 Replies

If Spotify continues to broadcast misinformation about covid vaccinations then I'll have to leave spotify.  Do the right thing Spotify and stop the misinformation.  It's a life or death situation for many.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. If you like censorship you are "free" to move to China or North Korea, we in the free world like making up our mind on our own.

Yes. Seriously considering this.

count me in on the boycott


I cancelled my abo this morning after reading the news. Unthinkable.

Is removing content that's known to be false (lies) censorship? Granted, it's a slippery slope.  However,  newspapers do it all the time.  That's why they have editors.  This nonsense that platform providers are not responsible for the content on their platform is just because their economic model doesn't work if they have to fact check everything on the platform.  Still, a reasonable compromise could be had.  Streams that reach a wide audience should be checked.  Joe Rogan must go.  

Buh Bye, Spotify.

Had Spotify for years, family plan - until today. No more. I won't support anti science, right wing BS. Everyone wants in cheap, all opinion - no fact Fox "News" type BS. Keep it up and it's all you will be known for, Spotify. Who's next? Tucker Carlson? Alex Jones? No thanks. I'm off to Apple. Hope I like it. If not, I'll try something else. Not Spotify. And to the commentor who mentioned not letting the door hit you on the way out, making a consumer choice about where you spend your own money is NOT censorship. Don't let the facts hit you on the way out.

I just cancelled my subscription.

I'm not an anti vaxer and i don't listen to Joe Rogan. I've never heard of him.

I live in Sweden and Spotify is a GLOBAL MUSIC PLATFORM. That's why I subscribe.


That they should cancel a Global superstar artist like Neil Young who many, like myself, have followed for more than 40 years to support a one country limited audience podcast is outrageous. 


Bye bye Spotify you have competitors for the Global MUSIC platform. I don't pay for access to US podcasts. I pay for international music.

No "buddy" you are free to go spend your money wherever you want, but asking platforms to cancel podcasts because you don't agree with the contents IS CENSORSHIP whether you like it or not.

You can take your "facts" and your despotism somewhere else along with your money, you and your ilk won't be missed.

I will certainly cancel my subscription and move to Apple Music as allowing some ill informed moron like Rogan to take precedence over musicians is not the point of a music medium. Whoever agreed this and supports Rogan should be fired ASAP before more business is lost permanently- Deezer and Apple must be rubbing their hands with glee quite rightly.

it's not that we "don't agree" with that guy. He's spreading verifiable lies: it's not an opinion when you say that the sky is the green and the sea is purple, it's being blindly endoctrined.
Maybe the "sheep" are not who you think they are...

P.S: subscription cancelled of course

was thinking about it. Now done it

I will cancel my Sub (february 26th 2022) if Spotify continues to spreading anti-science and anti-vax lies.

I'd rather not cancel my Spotify account but as a physician, I can tell you that there are no "opinions" about the reality of COVID. It's real and it's killed over 870,000 Americans. Imagine if some terrorist group killed that many Americans how crazed the same people that Rogan has trying to convince people that this is a minor or invented problem would be. We are still literally killing each other, our parents and our loved ones- and that's not a matter of personal choice. 

So, I'm ready to boycott Spotify and cancel or suspend my account until they stop sponsoring liars and essentially promoting the deaths and disability of hundreds of thousands of Americans. 

Most of this could be solved for me personally if they still put CD players in cars. Or even sold them for the home. I understabd the allure of streaming but I am simply sick of idiots and am quickly and finally becoming truly sick of tech companies  owning the rights to everything except responsibility. Not just Spotify - all of them.

It’s not just Covid and vaccines - Joe Rogan and his guests spew lies, nonsense, and garbage on climete change, race and racism, and on and on. It is basically a platform for legitimizing BS under the guise of “hearing all sides”. If you want to debate Newton’s laws, the heliocentric solar system, or that the earth is round, that’s your business. But giving someone like this a massive platform **bleep**. I am now researching the best Spotify alternatives so I can take my money elsewhere.  You want to make money spreading disinformation, bias, and ignorance? Fine, but not with my money.

Gone to Napster who appear to pay musicians more than other platforms. I used soundiiz to move playlists from Spotify to Napster

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