Bring back Heaven and Hell to Spotify

Bring back Heaven and Hell to Spotify

Hello. Recently I have noticed that the studio album of Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath with Dio under another name, due to copyright issues afaik.) "The Devil You Know" has been removed from Spotify. Any reason why? Also, is it possible to bring it back? One of their live albums: Neon Nights- 30 years of Heaven and Hell is still on Spotify, but not the studio album. Also, they have another live album- Live at Radio City Music Hall, but it is not on Spotify either. Any reason why/Can you do something about it?


I understand that this is somewhat of a niche question, but if anyone could help me it would be great.

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Unfortunately, Spotify cannot decide which music they want to be available at Spotify. The music label, artist, and/or legal owner decide where they want their music to be available.



MichaelW is right. It must have been removed due to legal right issues or conflicts with the label/artist. Have a look at this thread for further information and what you can do about it.

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