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Bring back scrobbling in the new web player

Bring back scrobbling in the new web player

Scrobbling to has been an integral feature for me since I first started using Spotify. Why is scrobbling no longer supported in the web player in the newest update? I could understand if this was an opt-in for a new layout where the expectation is for features to remain unimplemented. However, this is a large update being pushed whether I like it or not. integration is something valued and relied on by countless users, myself in particular. I use the web player regularly on devices like my Chromebook where I can't use the Desktop player. I hope Spotify addresses this issue promptly, because the feature is significant enough to me that I will most likely terminate my use of the service if it doesn't return. For once it feels like Spotify has taken a huge step backwards, and reimplementing scrobbling to is a small step forwards for fixing the new web player. I hope Spotify issues a statement soon. I would love to hear other users' thoughts.

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thats their answer to one of the last fm scrobbler who complaint about it too:


The Web Player has been rebuilt to be simpler to use, and also simpler to own, operate and iterate on.  We’ve removed several features that were found to have low usage or no impact on key metrics and one of them is the integration.


We hope that this has clarified the situation 🙂

I'd love to see user statistics that backs up the "low usage" of the feature. If integration is so difficult to integrate directly, let it be one of the third party apps that can access Spotify like so many other apps are able to do. There's no exucse for removing a feature like this in 2017.

The fact that it isn't possible to scrobble while playing on the web is very distressing. I love scrobbling, and it is angers me that I can't scrobble while at work. I cannot install the Spotify app at work, and thus can't scrobble at work.


Also, every time I come to look for help on an issue and I need to post on a message board from the users rather than a real person from the company that I pay every month is BS. Why is there no customer support? Garbage. **bleep**. Terrible.

The low usage of the scrobbling option in the old Spotify web player might have been caused by its unreliability, too, so people usually installed an external browser extension to scrobble from Spotify (which is still possible).


See also my reply about future developments in this related idea:


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