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(Browse) This is gross.

(Browse) This is gross.


Honestly i've never been a huge fan of the playlists featured here, they always seem to be mainstream **bleep** that I have 0 interest in, but this sort of pissed me off this morning. I can live with Spotify showing me things i'm not interested in, **bleep** I could live with ONE of these playlists being something religious on Sunday. But the fact i'm being pushed this on an application that I check every day is really disappointing to me. 

I thought Spotify was all about tailoring Music to what an individual listens to, not what a group of people enjoys. That's why i've used Spotify for so long because it's so unique to me, but this is just depressing. If you're not going to remove this Sunday "gospel center" **bleep**, there should at least be the option for us to turn this off. Or opt out. Or put something of our own. Really. Anything.


PLEASE tell me this already exists and I can get this **bleep** off my Spotify welcome screen



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