Bug in current song's title

Bug in current song's title


I have a problem with my Spotify App.

The song's title doesn't display properly after the adds. There is still Spotify's add title when the music plays. I'm a regular user, using Spotify on Windows as well as Mac. The bug is on both platforms, even after reinstalling Spotify.


The only solution by myself is to close the app and reopen it. Then it works fine for a few moments and happens again when the add will pass. It happens not always after every add, but if not after first then after second add.




bug print screenbug print screen

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Same problem since a few days


I'm pretty confident the ads are not the cause of this issue. I subscribe to Spotify Premium and there are definitely times when the album art and title information on the Now Playing panel lags behind what is actually playing. Many times it displays the album art for a previous track rather than the currently playing one. 


This seems to be a problem with how the Spotify App addresses memory in its playlist. I don't believe this is an issue that can be resolved until the developers recode cache usage in every version of the application.


This happens all the time for me, only after an ad, with artist's name displayed as the one from the ad and the title & album art stuck as the track before.


same issue here, quite annoying. When I am on Discover and like a song, I cannot see the correct title and need to search it in the list.

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