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[Bugs] Spotify not responding to reported bugs about discover weekly and release radar

[Bugs] Spotify not responding to reported bugs about discover weekly and release radar




Android 11/Desktop (Win10)

My Question or Issue

This is a meta-thread about how - and I'm not blaming you, mods, "spotify" or whomever actually makes the decisions is actively ignoring or refusing to implement/fix the following problems that we see presented at least once a week in the forums. If any of you mods are even allowed to shed some light on why nothing is being done about these issues, I would love to hear it. If not, that's a real shame... 


-6 month intervals between re-generation of duplicate discover weekly playlists

-actively selecting "I dislike this song/I dislike this artist" doesn't influence future release radars or discover weekly's.

-selecting "I don't like this artist" doesn't prevent them from showing up in the release radar - in fact, some artists show up without fail for months on end in spite of this

-selecting "don't play this artist" (mobile) doesn't prevent artists from being placed into generated radio playlists and sometimes doesn't stop them from playing

-song radios being deterministic and based on your listening history, meaning you cannot generate unique playlists with the genre of the song you made the radar of, but it instead pulls only from your library and listening history.


Now, let's take a count from just the last three months shall we


Problems with discover weekly:



 Problems with Release Radar:



Problems with Hide/Dislike


If that weren't bad enough, how about we take a look at the biggest threads that seem to have gone completely ignored.


"Implemented Idea" with 5069 votes and 134 pages of comments:


Closed idea with 3324 votes, and 36 pages of comments


"good idea, vote for it" with 4016 votes and 30 pages of comments


This is a lot, and I'm probably just scraping the tip of the iceberg since, not everyone actually titles their submissions properly so my quick search won't have actually found all of it. But, this is all in the span of just three months.


I have tried submitting detailed data to help the bugfixing process, but all I've seen is a "We can't give you a timeframe". It's been years. there's obviously no timeframe.

So, I guess Spotify would much rather take the sponsor money from their artists than actually fix the app in a way that makes their **paying** userbase happy.


If you have at least one new thread every week about these exact things, then it's not something you should need votes for - you can see that your userbase is unhappy. 


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Adding to this because these issues should have been addressed, fixed, and closed PROPERLY and not just glossed over. A small fraction of users will bother to come on these boards to post and comment, and the way the forum is organised almost deliberately makes it difficult to find what you're looking for - mine defaults to posts from 2014 unless I specify within the last year or more recent.
We're paying customers and we're getting seemingly a pared-down version of the product as it existed years ago but for more money. Is it not enough that Spotify rips off artists that it has to do so to customers too?

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