[CHROME][WEB PLAYER] Aw! Snap & Huge spikes of ram 2gb+

[CHROME][WEB PLAYER] Aw! Snap & Huge spikes of ram 2gb+


Free & Premium


Currently Sweden but for a period only i had the problem and at UK


Desktop PC

Operating System

Windows 10 1803


My Question or Issue

Both at premium and free accounts the Chrome stops while playing and says Aw! Snap and to Reload... or some times the tab player uses 2-3gb of ram and music stops... tried on various versions of Chromes and other desktops, i even created 3rd account free and got he same issues. As i said tried everything you will now probably popup from your mind to type for... so it is pointless. I wanted only to share my bad experience with it. I know a solution will not come up because since the new web player been permanent it is veeeery rare for developers to fix something... just saying it...

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