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Can I shuffle a playlist on Onkyo?

Can I shuffle a playlist on Onkyo?

Will it be possible to shuffle playlists on Onkyo receiver?

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I too want to be able to shuffle a play list on my Onkyo. Very frustrating a) that this basic functionality is missing and b) that no one from Spotify ahs yet commented on whether this is or ever will be possible

I third that request.  I love the amp and that it has Spotify built in, so annoying you can't shuffle. 

I fourth that request. It's really annoying not to have that ability. I don't see how it could be that difficult to add that into the Onkyo app.


Is there any particular place we can formalize this request?

I had this reply from Spotify support: 


Hello, thanks for your email. At this stage the "shuffle" option isn't currently available on Onkyo receivers. I would recommend contacting Onkyo to see if any updates are planned.

Suggest to me that Spotify are saying Onkyo determine the level of functionality ie not their problem.


I will contact Onkyo to confirm


Just got this message from Onkyo support


Dear Mr. Young

Thank you very much for your email.
A shuffle function with Spotify at the present time is not available.
We have already transferred this request to our development department.

We hope for your understanding.


So this is an Onkyo rather than a Spotify issue. Come on Onkyo, sort this out

Agree - just got a 616 - brilliant but need to shuffle.  Come on Onkyo !!

I also would like to see this option. It would seem ioke a easy enough software update. The Onkyo website sid it's in the hands of Spotify.

It'd also be great if the Android Spotify App could control the amp, its got a much nicer interface than the official Onkyo app.  Might be a bit of a stretch, but I can dream!

There is a workaround... But only if you have your PC with spotify running on it connected to the amp (via hdmi, optical or even 3.5 jack) then you can use your mobile as a remote control for spotify using apps such as spotimote.(there are others as well) You can then control everything atr your fingertips as long as you are in wifi range of your PC.


The onkyo spotify app is also very unfriendly to use  without a random button or any ways of organising my playlists by artist or album.


Come on Onkyo, time for an update!!

There is an iOS app (maybe Android as well) called oRemote by Robert Warne (think it costs about £5) - but it is more comprehensive and more robust than the Onkyo Amp App (umless that as been updated)

Come on Onkyo! How hard can it be to add a shuffle option??????????

The latest Onky App (1.50) shows a Shuffle and Replay Button now. So maybe it's only a matter of time until it's supported by the firmware as well.

I saw these buttons too and was very happy! I hope the new FW comes soon for my 414, these buttons do not work at this moment.


Is there anyone out there with information about this? When is the new FW expected?

>The Onkyo website sid it's in the hands of Spotify.


Real shuffle should be a Spotify API functionality. But still Onkyo can build a shuffle function themselves.

Or even a basic 'play random' would be good enough for most people.


Fix this guys!! My samsung TV can play random spotify songs and they use the same interface that Onkyo uses.

So dont try to blame Spotify Onkyo just fix this with high prio!!



Add me to the long list of disappointed users. I have an Onkyo TX-NR709 and want to use the Spotify app on it. It all works great but the lack of a shuffle and a repeat capability make it pretty much useless. I have news for Spotify. This is there problem as far as I am concerned. I already own the Onkyo so if Spotify wants me to go beyond my 30 day trial it is up to them to get a fix.


By the way, can someone point me to a link to Spotify customer service? I want to contact them directly but have not been able to find a way to do it.



Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


You can get in touch with Spotify support directly using the online contact form but I don't think it will do you much good with this issue. 


The Spotify applications on partner devices like Onkyo, Denon and Sonos are normally written by the partner company, rather than Spotify themselves since they can access Spotify using the libspotify library you can download for free from Spotify. Realistically, I would expect them to tell you get in touch with Onkyo since it is not their application you are having issues with. 



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I asked on Facebook: Hello Roland, there is no information about for being implemented in near future.


Why are those buttons there in the Android App? I have no idea.


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There is a firmware-update for Onkyo TX NR 535 now. Update your receiver and Spotify Connect works! Great experience!
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