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Can I take down a playlist stolen from me?

Can I take down a playlist stolen from me?

So, someone stole my playlist which I created, it was copied down to the playlists cover (a picture I had taken on my own phone) and the person blocked my account afterwards, I also think they may have sent a bot out to report my playlist which lead to it having the picture and title removed. Surely there is a way it can be fixed because I don't think it's fair that they can get my playlist took down after stealing it but also try report me.
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Hi @ColeM1

To report content on Spotify, open the context menu on the playlist you wish to report, and click report. You can then report the playlist as dangerous, deceptive, or sensitive images, visuals, playlists (image, description, or title), or other descriptive text, or you can send a copyright claim using the link at the top-middle of the report page.


According to Community Moderator @OscarDC in this post,

"unfortunately, we don't have a current process about false reports, but the relevant team is already working on it. If you want to show your support, we'd recommend adding your vote to this idea by hitting the "thumbs up" button. We'd also suggest checking it's status for more info. Any relevant updates will be posted there."


Good luck! Let me know if I can help somehow else!





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Hi, same happened to me! I solved this by keeping my playlist alive, adding new description and image everytime they disapper and then reporting the copied playlist and blocking the profile of the thief. Unfortunatley spotify acts like there is no problem and doesn't protect their user/clients, because is full of playlist stealers out there. I have the profile name of my playlist's thief (which is also a verified record label trying to steal common people's playlists with a lot of followers) but I can't do nothing to stop him, I blocked him but he's continuing to steal other people's playlist right now using false reporting, you can easily see this by whatching his profile, but spotify seems to not care about this type of behaviors.

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