Can't Find A Stream To This Track Message on Squeeze Box Touch

Can't Find A Stream To This Track Message on Squeeze Box Touch


I seem to keep getting a message saying that "Squeezebox Touch cannot find a steam to this track".  It then tries the next track, and keeps skipping tracks until it finds one it can play.  Very annoying.  What is causing this?


The same tracks seem to play fine when using a pc.



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Hi  i also have this problem with my onkyo
somedays it happen only 1 time sometimes it happen more often .

I love spotify because it sounds good (quality is wonderful and when it works  it's better then a cd player.)

So be hopeful they will solve this problem. One step to solve this problem is gapless playing- i think.

I am sure that spotify official would tell you they never heard about such a problem but but you can look at this lists:

every day new users reports this errors also see the list


So lets hope .....



Thank you for your comment.  I was thinking it was just me had the problem.  It may simply be system overload.  I used to be a Napster user, and particulalry at weekends it was dreadful, but this was the first time I had seen it with Spotify, but then have only been using it for 2 weeks.  Like you, I like the sound quality and I like the layout. 


I will look at your links, thanks

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