Can't Load Music


Can't Load Music

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What the heck is going on?!?!?!?! For the past several days I have been having nothing but issues with the web player. Either it is seriously slow to respond to any command or I keep on getting error codes. Right now I cannot even load my music. I keep on getting the screen with the chick with the hat over her face telling me my music failed to load. So I click reload and get the same darn message. 

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Both web and linux (ubuntu) client are down for me. 

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Thanks. Good to know it's not just me and I can stop trying to figure out a solution...Though still no less annyoing. I was looking through the threads and it seems like this is not the first time (or uncommon) thing for it to crash...Sigh.

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As of right now it appears the spotify servers are having some issues with the web player along with some of the radio functions on the pc and mac... We will just have to wait for an update to roll out or spotify staff to restart servers and fix things unfortunately.

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