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Can't change linked Tumblr account

Can't change linked Tumblr account

I linked a Tumblr blog to my Spotify account. I've since deleted that Tumblr blog. When I try to share using the first 'Post to...' screen -- the one with all the social media icons in a row below the text box that says #NowPlaying by default -- I receive an error saying "Could not share to Tumblr. Please try again."

I want to re-link a Tumblr account so I can share links which have album art, not just a hyperlink to the album.

NB - I'm not using the 'more' option when sharing because I want the album art to appear on my Tumblr post. I know that option is there, and would post successfully to my Tumblr, but it doesn't post with album art. That's what I want.
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I have the same problem and it literally kills me.

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