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Can't connect Shazam

Can't connect Shazam


Spotify isn't showing in Shazam. I get a "connect your Spotify account", pressing it and authorizing on Spotifiy, sent back to Shazam and nothing happens.


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Hey @gevaz,


This seems to be a problem with Shazam rather than with Spotify. I would ask on the Shazam Support site.


Have a fantastic day!


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Hi I have exact same issue.... Ive reinstalled both apps and nothing helped

same with me 😕

The issue was solved the moment I moved from Israel to the US. So it might be because either Spotify or Shazam limit that feature in Israel.

Spotify supposebly should work normally in Israel if on a paid account, which I was on.

Same here, but great that you found a solution for you! 🙂

I know from Deezer and their Shazam support that it is limited to only a few countries, probably the same is true for Spotify and Shazam support.

same issue -- spotify does not appear in shazam setting's streaming list.
(currently located in Israel, with an american spotify account).

Same issue for me too. Anyone had any luck fixing it?

Going back to the country where it worked did it for me 😄 I was in a country where spotify isn't supported when I was having issues. So spotify worked since I had account and subscription, but maybe other services were unavailable. Have you tried opening the app with vpn or something?

Same issue for me now. Not sure what is going wrong. Tries to connect then throws me back to Shazam.

I'm also experiencing the same issue.


The Spotify connection works fine on my old (broken screen boasting) iPhone 5 but on my current device (iPhone 7) I'm in a loop where every time I approve Spotify I'm thrown back to Shazam and asked to connect Spotify.

Same issue here, i've tried several times (I'm from Romania). The Shazam is up to date, also Spotify. I hope you to fix this bug as soon as possible. 


Thank you!

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