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Can't connect to Web Player

Can't connect to Web Player

I tried using Chrome, Edge and Firefox on Windows 10.

I try to connect to the player by going to: So I click 'login' and another window comes up with "Sorry, I couldn't find that".

This happens in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Yes, I've tried clearing cache, yes I've tried going to different browsers. Going to another computer isn't a solution as I want to listen on my own computer. 

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Hey @SilverBladeFW


Have you tried googling the web player and access it that way? Also click on this Web Player Link and see if you can access it.


Let me know how it goes!


Tried using google, and it gave me:

Tried using the link you gave me, it went to:


So neither worked. 



It could be a network issue. It would seem that Spotify traffic might be redirecting you to boid. So I would recommend going to this link and look for what Sebasty has posted about the files. 


Let me know if this method has worked out for you!


Found a solution.

My computer's time wasn't set properly. 

Im glad you were able to solve the problem. 


Happy Listening


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