Can't control volume on Xbox One via Connect (second thread?!)


Can't control volume on Xbox One via Connect (second thread?!)


A moderator has requested we make *another* thread regarding this issue , after Spotify responded to the previous thread with "this is the expected behaviour".


Here is the link to the original thread:


Two weeks ago it was possible to control your Xbox Spotify volume through another device (Android, iPhone, PC, Mac all worked)


Two weeks ago this stopped working, which causes a major issue for Xbox users as the lowest setting you can set Spotify at on Xbox is incredibly loud and you can't actually listen to music while gaming without being completely deafened. 


I appreciate that we now know this was "the expected behaviour" so this whole new thread has to be made just to report that this needs to be rolled back / changed as it only has negative implications and anyone can see it should not work this way. 


Sadly we have been told to make a whole new thread and I'm guessing wait another two weeks for their next response. 


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Hi there @RaikouWolf,


Thanks for bringing this up.

That @Peter suggested in the original thread is to create an Idea post. If you'd like to see a change in the app on a certain platform or a function implemented/ brought back you can create an new Idea and as a heads-up, it's good to know that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented. 


If you think other users might also like it, go ahead and create an idea on the relevant idea board. We always take new ideas and feedback into consideration to improve the app. Here you can read more on how ideas work.


We also suggest checking this help article for useful tips on how to submit an idea. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.


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Hey there -

Firstly it's not a new feature. It existed and was removed and now we're being told to request it as a new feature - the ability to control volume!?

Also appreciate your response but you're weeks too late , there's already a thread on ideas but we don't have much hope

If you have any way of processing a complaint about your customer services I'd be happy to do that