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Can't control volume on Xbox via Connect

Can't control volume on Xbox via Connect






LG Q6 Alpha

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Android/Xbox One


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A week ago i was able to adjust my Xbox's Spotify volume from my phone, but today i was trying the same but i can't, any solutions? Already uninstalled from Xbox and my phone and re-installed it

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Damn that's awesome! Way to go!

Same for me. That's a nope on reinstalling everything and syncing 1000+ songs to my poor phone SD card, and losing my sanity entering my Spotify creds into the xbox with a controller. I think I'll go get infuriated by Spotify Connect on my Hifi receiver for a bit.

This makes it impossible to listen while gaming by the way, as there's no way to turn the music down to background level without turning the game down.


Finally... Off topic. But why is xbox Spotify so muffled/boxy and bass heavy compared to, for example Chromecast through the same amp/speakers. Yes I've selected uncompressed PCM.

This is not how it is supposed to work.  The music volume can no longer be controlled by either the phone app or on the pc. The music volume cannot be controlled separately via the XSX|X Spotify app either.


Read the problem before saying this is how it works.

We cant let this thread die. There were no reasons for this option to be removed. At leaat let us reduce the volume under 5%. There are alot of game that even at max volume, spotify will completely over power them even at 5%.

Hey folks,


Writing with some good news 🙂 


The option to control the volume on your Xbox via Connect is now available.


Check the news here. Cheers!

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