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Can't control volume on Xbox via Connect

Can't control volume on Xbox via Connect






LG Q6 Alpha

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Android/Xbox One


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A week ago i was able to adjust my Xbox's Spotify volume from my phone, but today i was trying the same but i can't, any solutions? Already uninstalled from Xbox and my phone and re-installed it

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Hey folks,


Writing with some good news 🙂 


The option to control the volume on your Xbox via Connect is now available.


Check the news here. Cheers!

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Same here! such an annoyance! fix this ASAP please!

Same issue here. Extremely annoying, this is no joke the best feature. Please fix this asap

Seriously please fix this. This was my most used feature to fine tune the volume exactly how I needed it while playing certain games.  I have not updated my phone at all so this is must’ve happened with the recent Spotify update on my phone   

i have the ability to downgrade my app on my iPhone and I downloaded and tried the last 8 updates and it didn’t work with either of them which leads me to believe it must’ve been some system update on the Xbox or the Xbox Spotify app itself.  Hope this helps figure it out and get it resolved ASAP please. 

As I can see, must be the Xbox app since everyone is having problems remotely controlling the Spotify volume with any peripherals such as phones of any type or OS or PCs... Anyone having problems with remotely controlling the Spotify volume on a Playstation Spotify app, if available?

Have same problem, trying to reinstall both apps on android and xone, hard reset, and etc... Nothing helped. Also can't control volume from the Xbox sidebar







Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra/ Xbox One

Operting System



Same problem for me, stopped workinf a few days ago and i just decided  to start looking for answers on the inter webs. Judging by how many people using different phones and operating systems, im gonna guess this is likely a problem on Microsofts side. They had been doing ALOT of updates to the dashboard as we beta test it for the new series X. Lol.

Same problem here! Xbox One S. Used to work fine, but no longer can adjust volume on Xbox through either iOS app or computer apps. Would be great to see this regression fixed!

Please fix this, I'm about to migrate to YouTube music if there's no fix soon. 

I have the same issue in the United States when trying to use my iPhone to control the volume of Spotify on my Xbox and this used to work up until about a week ago 

Hey folks,


We appreciate your patience while we looked into this.


We've heard back from the relevant teams and they've confirmed for us that this is currently the expected behaviour of the app.


If you would like to suggest a change to this behaviour, we encourage you to submit a new idea for it in the Idea Exchange.


More info on how the Idea Exchange works and how your feedback reaches Spotify can be found here.



Hey there thanks for the response, 


Sadly this isn't helpful at all. As many others have pointed out the "volume mixer" on Xbox is far too loud to actually use. 


Is there a reason this change has been made? There doesn't seem to be any positive benefit to this at all. Why would the "default behaviour" be not allowing you to change the volume of your music remotely?


Quite clear we've reported this issue because it's a problem to us, this is the thread we have reported it on and telling us to start a thread just so the issue can be investigated AGAIN is going to help anyone 


It's clearly a bug to us even if the "relevant team" thinks it's the "expected behaviour" 


Instead of telling everyone to start a new thread and go through this all again, please can you contact the "relevant team" and explain that we are reporting this is an error / a negative change (if it was a change made purposefully) and it needs to be rolled back / changed 


We have waited 2 weeks just to be given this response and it's a massive kick in the teeth. 

This is unacceptable, just give us back this functionality and create whatever internal ticket you need to. You work for Spotify, not us. We are your customers and we want this fixed since it isn’t a new feature and already worked fine before the last update. 

Not acceptable! A pile of BS! We had this behavior, you remove it and now it's an unexpected behavior to us! Give us back Xbox Spotify app remote volume control. Just create the appropriate ticket you need to. it isn’t a new feature and already worked fine before a couple of weeks ago!

#bad response

If your relevant teams say its normal app behavior and you guys accept this, then we'll just have to move to another music app, won't we... Cause you surely don't read all the unhappy comments here! 😞

Well then, I would like to suggest here that the "relevant teams" be fired (or just not "relevant" anymore, whatever) to make way for a team that is actually relevant in solving issues the spotify community is having, because this kind of response is just unacceptable. I'm actually curious to see a response as how is this app behavior working as intended? Was the intention to pis s the users off? If this was it then yes it's an expected behaviour indeed.


Unbelievable! What a nerve.



Well, if that's the answer. Subscription cancelled and changed to youtube music app, above which the volume can be controlled at least via the mobile phone. What a pity

Why would i suggest a "new idea" when this feature has been available for years? Its not a new idea in any way, its a feature that was suddenly removed and not replaced with anything usable. 


Why was this feature removed, and why if it was removed was the mixer volume on the xbox not fixed?


I really would like an answer from the "relevant teams" as to why this was purposefully removed. 

Yeah id like to know why it was removed if it was intentional.


The real kick in the teeth is telling us to submit a new idea, when this feature has been present for years. 

To ask us to submit even more feedback through even more hoops when the feedback is present on not only this thread. But on various Reddit posts. Is absolutely ridiculous. Peter. Please resign. You're absolutely useless.

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