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Can't get certain songs added to "Your Music"

Can't get certain songs added to "Your Music"

So I love the new "Your Music" feature. Rather than having my music organized in playlists, it's nice to have an "only song, album, and artist" view when looking at my music library. However, when I was adding songs to "My Music," I noticed that there was one particular group of songs that were not making it over. The way that I imported all my music to the "Your Music" section was I simply went into my playlists on my desktop, hit "Ctrl + A," highlighted all my songs, and dragged and dropped them to my music. This method worked for all of my playlists except for one. Now this playlist does have over 600 songs in it, so that might be what is causing the issue.


I have already tried adding a few of the songs in that playlist one by one

I have also tried creating an entriely new playlist and trasnferring my songs to that new playlist

I have tried uninstalling the desktop app, and reinstalling

I have even tried unlinking my spotify account with my Facebook, just to see if that would make a difference


I'm out of ideas, and it seems that this one specific playlist is not being added to my music. The rest of my songs (approximatly 1300) made it over just fine, its just this 600 song playlist, no matter how often I try, does not make it over. 


Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. 

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Local files can't currently be added to Your Music. Also, trying to drop more than 542 tracks onto YM seems to break it and this may be what has happened. Try logging out and back in from the top menu then add half ot the tracks from your playlist. If that still doesn't work, try reinstalling spotify.

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