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Can't import iTunes playlist (Premium)


Can't import iTunes playlist (Premium)

I have been struggling after finally buying the spotify premium account, with importing my music and playlists from iTunes. I have been reading around and it looks like they have completely gotten rid of the import playlist feature? Is this so? If not, how can I move my iTunes playlists into Spotify? When I click on the file tab, there isnt even an option for importing.


I have tried the few listed sites they have on their spotify support page, but links dont work to some, and others dont find songs.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Such classic Spotify. Ignore the most basic of features. God I wish a viable competitor would come along. 😞

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bump. anyone?

iTunes import is not supprted in the new version.
Spotify plans to bring some features back, but it is currently not known if the feature you mentioned will be coming back.

You can still add local files to Spotify. Go into the settings and under "Local Files" you can import the source folder that contains the local files.

After you do that, the local files will appear in the "Local Files" section.

Find the song and then drag it over to a playlist.

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Can I re-install an older version to import or will it not work entirely?

i'm the same sitch and it blows. i even spent $$ on one of the suggested coverters and it doesn't work. hey spotify update your freaking FAQs!!!

Hey guys - I figured out a workaround! It looks like a lot of steps, but it's actually pretty simple. Hope this helps! Reply back if you run into any snags. 


1. In your Spotify preferences, under local files, turn on iTunes. (or use "add a source" if you have relocated your iTunes library)

2. Close Spotify

3. Open iTunes, click on the playlist you want to import into Spotify

4. Select all songs in the playlist, and "get info"

***** Be careful with this next step, because you will be editing the info for all the songs in the playlist

5. Type something into any field that you do not typically use. (typically grouping, comments, etc.) I typed a "1" in the BPM field

6. Click "Ok" and close iTunes

7. Reopen Spotify

8. Create a new playlist (name it the same as in iTunes if you want, or choose a new name)

9. Go to Local Files

10. Sort by the calendar icon at the top, and all the files you just modified in iTunes should show a time of just a few minutes prior

11. Select all the songs you just edited by clicking the first one, then scrolling to the last one and shift-clicking

12. Drag them to the new playlist you just created.

13. Repeat the process for any other playlists you want to transfer to Spotify.

OMG Thank you! I've been tearing my hair out about this! Genius! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I tried your method but I cant find a calendar icon in local files

The calendar sort option does not exist!


Ther is a little step missing, to find the caledar icon you have to move all local files in to a playlist t have the sorting option

oh **bleep** no.


can't believe i paid actual dollars to be forced to jump through hoops like this just for basic features

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Such classic Spotify. Ignore the most basic of features. God I wish a viable competitor would come along. 😞

This isn't working for me. After adding all local files to a playlist, all files appear to have been modified within the last few seconds.

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