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Can't link Spotify to PSN

Can't link Spotify to PSN





My Question or Issue



I'm trying to link my Spotify account to my PSN account and I get an error saying this is not supported in my country. From what I've read in different posts on Spotify and PS, this shouldn't be a problem.


Any idea how to tacklet this?




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I have the same problem since yesterday:  I can not direct access Spotify from my PS4 on a premium account (Linking Failed. Account linking is not supported in this country or region). The others devices work just fine (connection & sound quality). If I try to connect from mobile or PC to PS4 via wi-fi, the PS4 Spotify app recieves the signal at a very poor quality of sound and remains on the same Linking display page. I allready tried many forum-related problem-solving options (uninstall, logout, etc). Nothing worked. I think this is a Spotify/PS4 issue that must be solved specially because Premium accounts are involved.

Partially managed to solve the sound quality: when sending to PS device from phone or PC, make sure the sound volume fpr these devices is low, and control the volume from PS-out (amp) device only.

Hey! My problem is not the sound quality as I don't want to cast the sound from my phone.


I want to use the PS Spotify app directly to play music.

I understand. I have the same problem. I tryed to solve it by Spotify support - all is good in theyr db. Unfortunately PS support (RO) was less then supportive, since they failed to even investigate. The only thing I can do right now is just to send the signal via wi-fi to PS->output (sound system) without the PS4`s Spotify interface. Annoying, I know. Maybe when more customers will push the problem to RO PSN support, this will become a priority...

So we should open a ticket on PSN as well? I assumed it's Spotify's fault...

I can`t really put my finger on the source of the problem yet, but it might be a PSN issue..

why is my ps4 saying my account linking is not supported in this country or region

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