Can't log in from another country

Can't log in from another country

Recently moved to Nigeria from UK and when my subcription ended July, I could not login for d free version. Please help anybody!!
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Spotify Free users can use Spotify abroad only for 14 days. Premium users can use Spotify abroad for an unlimited time 😉
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Unfortunatelly Spotify Free isn't available in all countries around the world. 

Spotify Premium member can save playlists to listen to offline and can stream music wherever they are around the world.

So the only thing that is left for you to do is to upgrade . 

you are missing all the fun being a free user. 


Alright thanks. But I would have to log in to subcribe which I can't even do at all. Only solution for me now is to create a new profile which I would hate to do as I already hav a fantastic playlist in my former profile. 😞

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