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Can't log in to my free account

Can't log in to my free account







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Hello. I'm having problems with loggin in into my spotify free accounts. The problem is that i've been using my FIRST free spotify account for about a day and then i got logged out and when i tried to log in back - Spotify was saying that the login or pass are wrong, which was impossible. Then i created another one free account and it was working for 3 or 4 days, then it happened again, absolutely the same stuff. Also both of these account were confirmed.


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Hey @Yagamilihto13, help's here.


This is a bit strange. Have you checked out the troubleshooting steps provided here?


If it doesn't work, have you tried both the Web Player and the app, and with different devices? What error message do you get? Get back with a screenshot and we'll have a closer look.


Keep us posted 🙂


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