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Can't login to Spotify on Roku 3


Can't login to Spotify on Roku 3

I just got a new ROKU 3. I am a premium Spotify customer but I see the following message every time I try to login via the ROKU:



As recommended, I have checked my settings but every other channel (including ones that require login like MLB.TV, Netflix and Amazon Cloud) all stream perfectly over Wi-Fi. So far, Spotify is the only one to do this.


Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks.


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An update to this issue.

I decided to go on the live chat with the ROKU support and the assistant, Deepa, solved this log in issue finally, so I recommend trying this. Wish I'd gone that route sooner!


We changed the DNS entries in our wireless router to:


Primary DNS Address -, Secondary DNS Address -


Then, after a reboot of the ROKU 3 box, I was able to login to my Spotify account via ROKU 3.


I posted this in the ROKU forums to help people there. Apparently, these DNS addresses can be used by anyone.


Thanks, Deepa!

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Can you allow (or make sure it is allowed) the IP range and ports that Spotify is using in your firewall or router: Open the firewall for and open port 4070 for TCP as well as port 80 for TCP.



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Thanks. I have allowed the ports. I even switched off firewall completely but I still get the same problem. My wife's login does the same.


I can access Spotify on this Wi-Fi network at home via MacBook, Android phone and iPhone. The ROKU can acccess every channel I've chosen to view; only Spotify displays this problem.


Are you sure it's not a problem with the app rather than my network?




Just out of interest, do you log in on your devices normally using Facebook (your email address and password)? 


If so, you need to create a special device password and retrieve your Spotify username (which will be a series of numbers) in order to login on Roku since partner applications can't use Facebook login like the main Spotify applications can. If this apples to you, instructions on how to set those details are here



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Thanks for the support, Peter


I use my Spotify username and password, NOT my Facebook credentials to log-in to Spotify on all my devices. This is what I used to try to log-in to Spotify on the ROKU 3.

I'm still having this problem a week later. Any thoughts about potential solutions? All my other ROKU channels work fine and Spotify works on every other device I use it on.



Hey again, 


Sorry this slipped my mind earlier in the week, I have asked to see if a member of staff can look into this for you. 



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fiskadoro - We can't really offer any official support for the Roku, have you spoken to Roku CS at all? They should be able to give you some good troubleshooting tips.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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OK, thanks. I asked the same question here so you can track if there are any responses:

I've got the same issue as OP. Everything used to work, no network changes, other roku apps work without a problem. Logging on from other devices also works.

Any other ideas?

Here is the topic on the ROKU forums updated with a number of suggestions:


I've tried a bunch of these, but to no avail and no-one seems to know how to solve this at all.


Thanks fiskadoro for the link. I've joined that conversation as well and have tried all the suggestions to no avail.

I've also contacted roku tech support and will update here if I ever get a solution.

Schmegegi — Did you ever hear back from anyone? I'm still having the same log-in issue. Are you?

I'm still having the same problem. I have contacted Roku support on multiple occasions and they have assigned me a case number. Still no fix for this.
I have tried to login multiple times and have reset my Roku to factory settings.

Support for spotify is non existent.

Another update. I'm still having the same problem. I continue to try rebooting, reloading the app, lather rinse repeat. 


Yep, me too. Noticed the ROKU app looked a bit different and presumed it must have been updated.


Got a little excited that perhaps it had been fixed, but no dice. Still exactly the same error. 


Disappointing, huh?

I was sent this email in reply to my inquiries about a month ago: 


Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch,

We're currently having some technical issues with Roku systems.

We're working hard with the Roku team to get this sorted out as quickly as we can but unfortunately we don't have a solution for this right now. We'll get the fix deployed as soon as it's ready so hopefully you shouldn't have to wait too long.

Best wishes

Nick Clarke

Spotify Customer Services


I have no idea what is considered too long as I've been having this problem since April.

All: I just fixed my issue with logging on- although I do not have a Roku 3, I upgraded from unlimited to Premium after getting the "premium" failure message. So I upgraded.  I tried to log into Spotify getting the same login error saying I must have a premium account, although I just upgraded. After fishing around, the mistake I made was when purchasing the premium account I used my paypal account instead of my existing credit card info already on record. I re-initiated the payment using the credit card info and BOOM, problem fixed.


Hope this helps!

Wow, that's a really interesting potential solution, thanks for suggesting it.

I have been using PayPal, too, but I just changed my subscription details to a credit card to see if it solves this issue.


When I get home later, I'll try and login to Spotify on ROKU 3 and see if it works this time. I'll report back.


I do not use PayPall as my payment method but it would be interesting if it fixes it for you. 

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