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Can’t play Spotify on my Sonos speakers. Connection to Spotify has been lost.

Can’t play Spotify on my Sonos speakers. Connection to Spotify has been lost.

I can connect to cheap Bluetooth speakers no problem. I can connect through AmazonMusic, SoundCloud and Bandcamp to my Sonos speakers. Not through Spotify.  I’ve disconnected the Sonos and Spotify apps countless times. I’ve removed cache and removed apps and reinstalled for the same results. It has me frustrated and questioning why I depend on Spotify for the majority of my music. Has me questioning why I spent so much money on my Sonos speakers.


I have a premium plan and from searching Spotify answers, this seems like a consistent problem, so there must be an answer. 






iPhone X

Operating System



My Question or Issue: Frustration 


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Hey there @DougSteiner!


Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Community!


We'd recommend that you start off by restarting your router and if possible giving it a try on a different connection. You could create a hot spot form your phone and use that network.


It's also a good idea to ask a friend or a family member to log in on your phone with their Spotify account to see if that makes a difference.


Lastly, do you get an error message in the Spotify app when trying to connect or does the Sonos speaker not appear under Devices available?


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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Has your problem been resolved?

I've been speaking with SONOS for months now, sent thousands of diagnostic, and the problem remains.

It's SO frustrating. I can play Apple Music, Amazon Music, Radios, but yet, Premium Spotify fails to play (it does sometimes, but most of the time not when I want it to).



No offence Elena but the problem is a bit more complex than 'restart' your router.


There is an issue on how SONOS / Spotify stream the music in a wireless environment.

Seems like my problem has been resolved. I was incredibly frustrated and
then I just gave up on it, hoping that it would get resolved in future
Spotify and Sonos updates, which is what has seemed to happen.

Despite the problems, I bought a Sonos soundbar at Costco. For some
strange reason, if I selected the soundbar first, it allowed my ceiling
speakers to work with Spotify and the soundbar, but if I selected the
ceiling speakers first it wouldn’t work. Miraculously today it’s working
like it supposed to. Don’t understand how it was repaired.

I hope your issue is resolved soon too.

I wish. Still got issues. Sonos speakers don't seem to work well in a Mesh WiFi. When they lose the signal, they are not able to reconnect.


In the 40+ devices, we have in the house, only Sonos has trouble with our network.

Their workaround is to plug the speaker to the router directly with a cable. Nice. I thought they were wireless? lol

Same issue at my house.

Sonos and Spotify dosn't work together. Sometimes after a complete reboot of my mesh network and Sonos it work for one or two of my speakers. My Google assistant say that there isn't a premium account, and Sonos say the connection is lost.

Maybe Spotify have setup some sort of security up, denying connections because of to many connections? I am sure of that the issue is at Spotify backend.

please fix the issue. otherwise I will have to change to one of your competitors.

Hey there @salmoliv and hoeyer, 


Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about the issues you're experiencing with Spotify on Sonos.


First, it would be great if you can confirm if you followed the steps that were provided by @Elena.


We would also appreciate it if you could let us know what version of Spotify you're on.


Finally, does this issue occur when connecting to your Sonos from another device?


Keep us posted. We're always one reply away 🙂



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