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Can't play from PS4

Can't play from PS4

Hi. I'm having some trouble starting to play music on my Playstation 4. I'm logged inn, and all that should be needed is for me to press play, but when i do, the play-icon turns into pause-icon, then back again. A few days ago I was able to fix it by playing via my Mac, but now the same happens when I try that. Anyone know what might be the problem? 

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Hey there @MathiasArntzen


It could be a connection error with Sony or your internet connection.


Can you please try a quick reinstall and see if that helps?


Is also worth a shot to update your playstation's firmware 🙂

I just reinstalled, and checked for updates on my PS4 (no new updates), but still the same problem. My Playstation has good internet-connection aswell. 



Hi again,


I suggest that you do a sequential powercycle of your devices. Reboot your modem/router by switching it off for a couple of minutes. Restart your PS4 and then try it once more. Hope it works this time around.

It still doesn't work 😞 


If only there was an app for my Samsung-TV.. 



Hey, sorry to see the issue persists 😞


I suggest that you report this problem to Spotify by filling out this contact form. Or send a tweet to @SpotifyCares if you have a Twitter account.


Meanwhile, you could try using Spotify's Connect feature and play music on your PS4 using the app on your phone or laptop.

The Connect feature worked a few days ago, but now it doesn't. I'll try reporting the problem and see what they say. Thanks for trying though 😉 

Change your MTU settings in Set up Internet connection on the ps4. Manually go through the Internet settings until you reach mtu. Set to 1450. Has fixed my persistent problem of pausing/playing.

It happens to me and was happening on my phone but I had to download it in my phone but you can’t download music on PS4 right

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