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Can't play music from spotify

Can't play music from spotify

Hi Everybody!

Im a hardcore spotify user and now something has happend to my loved programm.

Few days ago, i started to get a message from spotify " Current track is unavailable" ( it written on the upper side of the spotify screen, at the blue line).

I've been restarting, reinstalling etc etc spotify and my computer, but nothing works. Does anyone know what causes this problem, i mean all the songs SEEMS to be playable (they are all marked white) but still i can only play a few seconds from the song.

Any ideas?

So please spotify and all the mighty people up there! Help me, and fix my spotify, cant live without it 😕

Listening music all day and all of the night 🙂

"Where words fail, music speaks."
~Hans Christian Andersen

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Uncheck High quality streaming in Preferences. The new update changed the high quality-streaming feature only to work with premium subscription. They claimed that in the past but if checked on the free service it still worked, so the new update blocks the player from working if checked. The Spotify people should have warned us of this change and it would have avoided all this aggravation...

Are you still having this problem, Nägi?

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