Can't play playlist to PS4 Device


Can't play playlist to PS4 Device

So both my desktop and cell phone can see the PS4 and its constantly just says "can't do this right now." Here is what I have tried and done with no success. Downloaded playlist to phone, I can play it on my phone or my desktop but won't let me select PS4. Uninstalled app on all 3 devices reinstalled- still will not let me play playlist from either my desktop or phone on PS4. Disabled firewall still a no go. It does however let me play spotify's playlist that are available just not my personal ones. When in PS4 I can see my playlists too but nothing happens when clicking play. All devices are in the same network and I have premium. Anyone know what the heck is going on? Currently I've opted to simply use an USB stick plugged directly into my PS4 at least I can play my own music this way. If I can't get this resolved in the next month I'll be done with Spotify.
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Hey @Lifesadream! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I'm sorry to hear this.

Are you still experiencing this issue? If yes, be sure to check if there is an update for your Playstation available that might fix this issue. ^^